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IELTS Mock Test

Learning English is much more than just taking tests and exams, but they are still an important part of the process. At Level Up English we use a combination of methods to make sure you are making progress. All of these involve the student, teacher and director of studies working together. These include chapter tests, the development of a folio of homework and writing and IELTS Mock tests. 

9:00am - Listening

9:30am - Reading (General)

10:30am - Writing (Task 2 only)

11:15am -  Speaking 

1:00pm - Finish

Assess your own level – We recommend taking the test after the first week to students who are very determined to see their English proficiency improve quickly. This establishes a bottom line and is a good starting point for a study plan including extra vocabulary development and extra grammar exercises in areas of weakness. 

Check your progress – After a month or longer, students can retake the IELTS Mock test and measure their improvement across all four skills. Students receive feedback about their writing and speaking. 

Leveling Up – In addition to your class test scores and folio, you can take the mock test to level up. To level up you need to have completed at least 8 weeks of the course. Students should achieve the minimum entry level for the next level with no score in Speaking, Listening, Reading or Writing more than 0.5 below the average.

Apply for Further Study at a Pathway – Students who have completed Upper Intermediate 10 weeks and are also able to get an average of 5.5 in each section of the IELTS mock test are able to apply to one of our pathway providers for further study in Australia.